hunter tricks

  • Taming pet: Use ice trap then start taming the pet. (Gives you 10 sec free)
  • Healers: Use scatter shot to make them run away from a channeled spell.
  • Pet: Use a fast attacking pet to interrupt spells, flying pets to get in the way of PVP.
  • PVP: If attacking a melee character (warrior, palidan, shaman, rogue, etc) use a movement slowing spell (concussion or wing clip), run away from the character and jump+attack (ranged weapon) while running away. If you jump and use the mouse to look back at your enemy, you can fire Arcane Shot or Concussive Shot at them in mid-air, then spin back to the original direction and keep running. Basic principle of kiting for a hunter (or any instant cast, ranged ability that requires facing the opponent).
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