Increase Ranged Attack Speed
  1. 1. you will need a +13% ammo pouch
  2. 2. get a +12% quiver
  3. 3. equip the ammo pouch
  4. 4. Equip the quiver
  5. 5. Congratulations your ranged attacks are now faster this trick works if you have a bow or a crossbow, it should work if you have a gun. I had an attack speed of 2.23 pre (only using a single +13% quiver) 1.96 after I do this trick. You have to have a +12% quiver and +13% ammo pouch for this to work as far as i know.

Increase 'Target Nearest Enemy' Range

If you use the target nearest enemy key often and find it not selecting targets because they are too far away, go to the World of Warcraft/WTF/ directory and edit the config file.

  • Append the following line:
  • SET TargetNearestDistance "40.000000"
You can also enter other ranges depending on how far away you want to be able to target mobs.

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  1. Fantastic job mate, having to share this guide but my computer needs an online pc repair fist before this.

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