Energy Pack


When a member of your mafia sends you an energy pack, do not immediately use it. Look at your current energy level to see where it is at at the moment. If it is low, like around 10 or less, you should use the energy pack right away before your energy refills again. If your energy level is high, like above 10, 20 or higher, do a few jobs to use up your energy until it is below 10 or less, before using the energy pack. Why do this? Simple. As soon as you use an energy pack, your energy will be boosted to its maximum +25%, no matter the energy level before using it. By using up your current energy and then using your energy pack, you will get twice as many jobs done. If your current energy level is, say 50, and you use an
energy pack, that is 50 points wasted.

Be courteous with your energy packs. When a member sends you an energy pack, you should use it and then send everyone an energy pack. Even if no one sent you an energy pack, you should send them to your members and some of them may send you an energy pack back in return.

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  1. Dave Josef Said,

    can boost to maximum +25%??? that great!!! :D ill use this

    |Playgroup Singapore

    Posted on March 29, 2015 at 8:23 PM


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