Great Trick With Alts

The following is, in my experience, great tricks/tips to do with Alts in WoW. To get the optimal use of these tricks/tips it is best when first starting to play WoW but these also apply even to veteran WoW players.Create Alts right when you start the game. Pick a race/class combo for your Alt that would be a character that you would like to play sometime down the road. Optimally you want to make your character in a town where there is an Inn, Mailbox, and Auction House (AH) right next to each other. Keep your Alt in the Inn and logged off there.

1. Use your Alt(s) as an unlimited bank box for your main. The great thing about this is that there are more Mailbox's in the game then there are banks. It will take about 1-2 hours for the mail to get from your main character to your Alt(s) when you mail it. But what a lot of people don't know is that if you don't take the item or click on it in the mailbox then you can use the (Return) button from your Alts mailbox to send the item back to your main character INSTANTLY. There is NO delay in the mail when you use the (Return) button. The basically gives you an unlimited bank box with your main character.

2. Use your Alt for you primary crafting. This has a lot of Advantages and only one sight small disadvantage. In this example I will use a Rogue as a main character (But it can be applied to just about any main character and be efficient). On your Rogue you would take the gathering skills for the primary crafting skills you will have on your Alt. So we will put Alchemy and Leather working on our Alt character. That means we will take Herbalism and Skinning on our main Rogue character. The great thing about this is that there are always Mailbox's all over the place and you can take your gathered items and just constantly send them to your Alt
character, freeing up valuable pack space on your main. This Mail/Alt crafting combo works best if you make your Main and Alt at the same time. This way they can both gain their gathering/crafting at the same time. The best advantage to this whole Main/Alt crafting combo is that you will be getting TWO crafting skills for use with your main character instead of just one. The disadvantage to this is that once you hit a high enough level of skill in crafting on your Alt you will need to get your Alt to a certain LEVEL on the character itself to advance further in your craft. *But this goes hand in hand with the next Alt tip*

3. Always keep your Alt logged off in an INN because you supposedly gain 4x rest XP as opposed to the only 2x rest XP that you gain when just in a rested state and not in an Inn. You should always try to do the same with you Main character as well. In the rested state there is no cap to the amount of rested XP you can gain on a character. So you can get multiple levels worth of rested XP on a charcter. This rested XP comes in handy when you need to level that Alt

P.S. Stay tuned to the Seventh Part to Secret Cheat Guides Revealed for WoW, Because I'll be Updating it more Frequently.

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