Is Final Fantasy 7 really Dead!?

Is Final Fantasy 7 Really Dead? Well, i know for a fact that ff 7 has become one of the Game that's really closes to our heart, I mean when tactic style game first lunch on PlayStation.. I too where thinking, how does this game work?! But...
Final Fantasy 7

A Farmville Cheat that Works!

You see, I'm an avid player of the Farmville game on facebook – like millions of other folks all over the world! Nonetheless, while I’d been battling to get somewhere for weeks, absolutely nothing seemed to work. So I started searching for a Farmville cheat that works...

Feel the Twist

It has been 11yrs since Jason kapalka and a couple of his friends develop what has now Become one of the highly addictive game. Bejeweled which gross about $300 million and Something I’ve read stated that it has more than 6 billion hours on the game and also...
Bejeweled Twist

Grand Theft Auto IV

Just go to the cheat section for Grand Theft Auto IV Cheats, Tips and Reviews....
Grand Theft Auto IV

Secret Millionaire's Wealth, Warcraft

Warcraft Millionaire is among the most widely used guide gold available on the net.It's the method which has outsold as well as outstone everyone of it's competitors 10 folds.warcraft millionaire is a guide gold written by Brad Johnson...
Secret Millionaire's Wealth, Warcraft

Get wealth in the world of wow

Warcraft wealth is a new gold guide for world of warcraft.wayne williams wrote it based on his experiences as a gold seller.Although i currently have a few various guides...

wow guide for less grind

In case you play wow long enough, you might completed your own quests efectively, however, did you complete it all perfectly?Within wow there are many secrets.It could take a considerable amount of time and effort upon each and every quest to be able to finish it perfectly, the fact is that, there's a great deal of time period that you simply would not manage to accomplish multiple quest for a very long time.This is why a wow guide are usually precious to assist you to complete your quest along with perfection...

Tired of the same MMORPG?

Lex Luthor, in a rare change of heart, managed to take back the powers that Brainiac stole, and travel back in time with them. He then spread the powers randomly among the population of Earth, and ...
DC Universe Online

The Best MMORPG Origin, A World of Warcraft Review

World of Warcraft is the most popular MMORPG in existence along with over 10, 000, 000 active subscribers. With numerous gamers it is near impossible to get at the top of the game without having no less than just....

Mafia Wars - Energy vs. Attack/Defense

I’m the impatient type, so I quickly tired of waiting for regeneration of Energy. How to solve it? Do the Godfather deals, or even buy some points. About 200 extra is what I needed, somewhere around Hitman, to be able to level continuously without running out of Energy, after having put most of my points into Energy already. Your equipment is a bigger factor in fights at low levels. That changes as you go up, primarily because other players have a lot of skill points in Atk/Def, but also because the combat calculations make it so. By the time you reach very high levels of Atk/Def points, equipment represents only 5-10% of your strength, if that. But you can put those points in later.

The tough work is mastering all the levels, especially Underboss and Boss. You will need LOTS
of Energy to do so. 3rd level Mastery of one job on those two levels takes 100 clicks, as each
job done only gives you 1% toward mastery. And some of those jobs require items like
Blackmail Photos, which in turn require Concealed Cameras… you get the picture. It won’t just
be 100 clicks, but probably 400-500 to master one job at level 3 by the time you get enough of
the items necessary.

Combat calculations

There’s an excellent thread here:, started by someone who has determined the basic formula used in fights. He also has a “combat calculator” online that will tell you how your equipment and stats compare to average for your level ( MW does NOT in my opinion calculate fights the way I would expect. For instance, the equipment chosen when you attack is also the same used for defense in that same fight, and the ATK and DEF values of each item are simply added, rather than your best defense weapons being used for the defense side of the equation. That means… an AR-15 is *worse* to have than a Midas Knife, because the total ATK+DEF is lower. total value.

Also, your Attack and Defense skill points are simply added together and that total used in
calculating your strength, whether you are attacking or defending. While someday it may make
a difference, today putting points in either one has the same effect.

Banking Money

As a LVL 370 player, I can say you should stop banking money as soon as the amount you lose is less than the bank’s charge. If you are losing $1 million per day from attacks, and you earn $10 million+, then don’t bank the money. Simple economics. The fact is, this point is reached pretty quickly. If your property is earning $1mil+ per hour, and you are doing jobs or robberies, you are past the point of paying the bank charges–or you are losing too many fights and/or staying on the hitlist too much ;) On lower levels, spend your stamina, but focus on doing jobs and adding to your skill points. As a comparison, I have $88 billion in cash right now, my property earns $100 million+ per hour, and I am over 1,000 Mafia Mike’s behind in buying because I simply don’t have time and don’t care. Jobs on Boss level pay $20-30 million per click…

Add Members to Your Mafia

In the beginning, you can invite your friends to be members in your mafia. A small handful will join your mafia but that is not enough. You need a large mafia if you expect to be in any condition to attack larger mafias later on in the game. So, you need to look elsewhere for members, especially strong members because they will help you a lot in fights.

You can find members on countless groups, on and off of Facebook, dedicated to mafia wars. I know what you’re thinking, that you do not want strangers to be on your friends list. This is a legitimate concern but, one trick is that, once they become your friend and join your mafia, you can delete them from your friends list. They will remain a member of your...

When I went to invite a lot of members to my mafia, I posted a comment on the front page of each group. I asked for people to join my mafia and a lot of them did. The comments will accumulate fast on each group and your comment will be quickly pushed to another page, where it will not be seen as much, so you want to post a comment occasionally for new members to see and join your mafia. Do not overdo it or you will be labeled a troll or spammer and most likely booted from the group. You can also add members, who are requesting mafia members, to your friends list.

Once they are on your friends list or you are on their list, either one of you can send an invite to the other to join each other’s mafia. If either of you run out of invites for the day, keep them as friends and invite them another day.

After they are on your mafia list, you can delete them as a friend. One complication with this is keeping track of who is friend and who is just there for the game. What I did was label purely mafia people as mafia and then, after adding them to my friends list and mafia, I could open up  the friends list to the label for mafia members and quickly delete them. If you are planning on adding a lot of real friends to your friends list, it’s probably best to hold off on mass inviting purely mafia members to your friends list for a few days or everyone will get mixed together quickly and it will take a lot of work to delete those people that are not your friends.

Getting Attacked!

Other members can attack you even when you are not logged in to the game. This is to be expected. But, for revenge or another reason, some members will target you because they see you as weaker or richer. This is not usually a problem when the other member is almost even with use strength-wise. It becomes a major problem when the other member, while being at nearly the same level, has more money, weapons or a lot of strong members in their mafia. They can attack you at will, as much as they want. 

I had one such member attack me last week. He robbed my properties dozens and dozens of times. I lost about $60 million preparing and protecting my casinos because he kept attacking and attacking.

What can you do when a member keeps attacking and robbing you? You can wait for them to get bored with you or you can be pro-active. There are two ways that I found to combat the situation. The first is to add the member to the hit list with a sizable bounty and hope that a really stronger member attacks your enemy. However, if this does not work and you keep getting attacked, the last resort is to sell off your properties, especially the big ones, and wait a few days for your enemy to get bored with you and move on. You can always buy your properties again; it is just a minor setback.

When you get stronger and gain more members, you can always go back and enact revenge on the person that repeatedly attacked you. Copy and save the link location to this member for future use. At least, that is what I would do but, I am a very vengeful person!

Leveling Up

Leveling up is always fun because it brings you full health, energy, stamina and profile points but, you should use careful planning before leveling up. Always keep note of how close you are to leveling up. Once you get within, like 50 experience points away from leveling up, you should use strategy to reap the most benefits of the next level. As soon as you level up, all of your attribute levels will be replenished, so it is a good idea to get your attribute levels, especially the energy, as low as possible before leveling up because, by using them up first, you are, in essence, getting twice as much done due to the fact that the levels will be replenished as soon as you level up.

If you have a lot of energy left before leveling up, take a few big jobs with a lot of experience points because they will use your energy quickly while bringing you a lot of experience points. Watch how close you are to leveling up, so that you don’t use a small amount of energy to bring you a little amount of experience points but enough to level up. You do not want to level up with a job that only earns you enough experience points to level up, while leaving you with a lot of energy that is wasted because your energy will only be refilled enough to fill it to the maximum.

Before leveling up, I try to get as many jobs and fights done as possible. This way, I use up all of the health, energy and stamina that I have and then level up to do it all over again. It is like getting twice as much done.

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Is Final Fantasy 7 Really Dead!?

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