Gnasty Trick II- gnome looting

From a friend's account, I've done some more research into my "Gnasty Trick" exploit, it turns out Gnomes in a party are processed slightly faster for looting, and if you're on a Quest for a certain monster, and that corpse has YOUR Quest Item in it, you can loot it, regardless whose "turn" it REALLY is, and so far as I've seen, regardless of what the party's Loot Setting is. Obviously, don't pull this too often, unless you LIKE getting other players mad at you, and/or someone might turn this one in and get it fixed...Blizzard LIKES fixing things, even BEFORE they're broken!


Let's say you're grouped with some Humans, doing one of the Brotherhood of Defilas Quests, whether or not they're on the Quest. You kill one of the Bandits, and by luck, it has one of the Bandannas you're after! You can loot it, get the Bandanna, regardless of whose "turn" it's SUPPOSED to be...HOWEVER! While you have it open, if that corpse has money or Linen or WOOL on it, you can grab that too while you're at it! By some odd coincidence, it'll "sparkle" (Meaning lootable) on both yours AND whose ever turn it's "supposed" to be to loot! You CAN both loot it at the same time, at which point, it'll become a contest of reflexes (And connection-speed--I always lose that part) on who can click on what first to grab it!

How To Beat Molten Core Instantly

The entrance is inside of Blackrock Depths.It's after you clear the Room of Seven or whatever the name of it is, and before you enter the Lyceum. You kill the 7 spirits in the Room of Seven and go through the door, instead of going straight into the Lyceum, take a right. You fight 2 sets of 3 of the Fireguard elementals, one set, cross a bridge, another set. In front of you you'll see a green glowing portal. That's Molton Core.

Note: This is a raid instance, and it's not single pull mobs but in chains of 2 or more.

Now here's the exploit, your main party will contain 1 Warlock & 1 Rogue and then 2 other classes doens't matter for summoning. The rogue will sneak past ALL the mobs and get right up to the main Lava boss. Right then ask the Warlock to summon the rogue, when the rogue gets the "Accept Summon" button he will go and smack the boss from behind and then port.

OK get ready, because 2 minutes later the boss will arrive at the doorstep of the instance and hes tough! Conquest beat him legit but this way you can skip all the raid mobs. Enjoy. This may be patched in upcoming patch however as of now it works so use caution.

P.S. Stay tuned to the Sixth Part to Secret Cheat Guides Revealed for WoW, Because I'll be Updating it more Frequently.

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