Excellent Warlock Summon Trick

I saw this cool trick today while in Sunken Temple. There was a warlock in our group and he needed some stuff for his minions or whatever. Anyway he opened a portal and summoned himself but he did not accept the summon just yet. So then he hearthed to IF and got his stuff then he accepted the summon and he was back in our group. The only bad thing is you got 2 minutes, but if your fast you can do it. So technically is can work for anyone in the group. I thought this was nifty and I wanted to share it.

Extra Bind Point Recall

Hit the red question mark, go the "What GM's can assist with" and hit un-stick, it will warp you to your bind location. I think they limited the use of the un-stick command. There may be a timer on it now but at least you can get an extra recall out of it.

P.S. Stay tuned to the Fourth Installation to Secret Cheat Guides Revealed for WoW, Because I'll be Updating it more Frequently.

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