Cooks and Blacksmiths Tip

For all you wannabe cooks and blacksmiths out there, here's a little trick you may not know! In most towns/inns you'll come across those seemingly pointless bedrooms with the nice beds, large mounted pighead on the wall and cozy fire. Well guess what? That fire can be used as a forge or a fire to cook your food! So stop wasting money on wood and striking up your flint. Just head into an inn or random home and look for a fireplace. Cuts down on the costs of crafting by a decent amount! Saving 50 copper each crafting session may not seem like a ton of cash, but over time it certainly adds up!

Desolace - Max Ranged Attack Easily

The bug where you can shoot mobs that cant fight back where you dont get any range weapon skill is not fixed!! While I was down in Desolace today with my warrior and tried to pull a Satyr from the top of a ruin that was towards the western mountain range, I was surprise to see that I kept missing but my skills continued to rise. So if you wanna go max out a new range weapon, head on over to Desolace and cap it out. Didn't take me long to cap out my gun this way.

P.S. Stay tuned to the Third Part to Secret Cheat Guides Revealed for WoW, I'll be Updating it more Frequently.

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