Is Final Fantasy 7 Really Dead? Well, i know for a fact that ff 7 has become one of the Game that's really closes to our heart, I mean when tactic style game first lunch on PlayStation.. I too where thinking, how does this game work?! But at first i really don’t like this kind/style of game... Where you battle or attack through each turn(It's kind of' boring for me, you know) of course the typical style of the game we want are games that we can attack,smash,bash anytime and anywhere we like(Now, that’s what I’m talking about)But when i tried to play(well,of course,coming from a background with no knowledge in this kind/tactic) and really get a hang of it, it stick through my thin mind(hahaha)that, you’ll never really know unless you try it...
It's like a saying here in our country (Don’t Judge my brother, he’s not a book) (ahahaha)

No, kiddin’aside, the full game is really an epic, a masterpiece, which appraisal word you want to call it... It's also a really series long, I could go "many many” pages for final fantasy 7, I mean...

  • The Game itself
  • The story line
  • The Grind for levelling-up to a master's level
  • Raisin' Chocobo's to get a the gold one
  • Completely acquiring all summon materia
  • The Magic and some utility materia's
  • The Sub-Game in Gold Saucer and inside battle Arena
  • And most of all, Beaten’all the weapon's

Like I’ve said, when can go on many pages for ff 7(hey, if you’re looking for i guide then this is not the right one for you, There are many guide for this game, just look for it in the web, that’s why i don’t like to remake them, their many, scattered all through the net, that’s why I’ve decided to make a "review only" for final fantasy 7)

Anyway, getting back, I too personally played it too many times and still. You know that once in a while, you’ve got that sudden feelin'That you want to play it again, in Tagalog (ika sa atin, kasama mo man kaibigan mo o kahit nagsosolo ka, masasabi mo sa sarili mo na parang gusto mo ulit siya laruin)
For us gamers, when you feel that sudden calling/urge (whatever you may call it) my advice for you is that, Go on, take the pleasure, you’ll feel much better if you don’t try to hold back.

Your still here? Go on, i mean now! No, I’m just messing' with you...

It is always a great feelin'when you remember something and try to look back to the things you've really enjoyed and say "Ah memories, Does were the days"

I know that there are still many hardcore fanatics of ff 7 out there, and i know that even other final fantasy game could not replace final fantasy 7 in there heart’s. It’s not about who's the best in final fantasy 7, it's not about who perfected it.it's the essence, the enjoyment, the thrill and the happiness it has brought to many others...

You know we could go on forever for final fantasy 7 review here but if you want me to do a specific review in the game, please, feel free... Just leave it @ the comment section or you can email me...
Thanks for your time and reading this and Happy Gaming ^_^

       Just and Update guys... I thinks their going to remake ff 7 @ PS3 Check it out @ youtube, http://gamespot.com uploaded a demo video "That's Good News"^_^

  1. One of the best game that it'll be talking through generations.

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    Posted on December 10, 2011 at 2:47 AM

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    Posted on November 7, 2013 at 5:56 AM


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