Avoid Drowning

Okay, so you know when you are in very deep water and that fatigue meter comes up, right? Well if you dont want it to go down and you to drown then... find a landmass and ram your head straight into it. The fatigue meter will dissapear and you will be okay for the next few seconds.

Boost Mining Skills Quickly

As you know at some points mining gets kinda annoying tryin to get your level high enough to mine the good stuff. Theres a pretty easy way to get some fast mining xp. There's a cave in NE arathi highlands filled with kobolds and such. Also there is a quest from booty bay which involves mining lesser bloodstone ores from the mines. These things require 100 mining skill but they actually give you xp for mining them!. There is about 4-5 lesser bloodstone deposits in the cave and they re-spawn every 10 minutes i believe. I went in there at about 150 mining skill and mined till my skill was 175 so i could start getting mithril which sells for a great amount. Its probably possible to go even higher in mining from the lesser bloodstone ores. Then after i had all that bloodstone ore i went back to booty bay and sold the ore to lazy people or people who couldn't mine)for 30-50s each. Great way to make some cash and level up your mining without having to run around lookin for mines

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