Mage Staff Skill Tip

This isnt very usefull, unless you play a mage.First of all take your mage (or other Char) to the "Arena of the Gurubashi" (?) Then you need a Tank like Warrior or other High Armor Class, and take it also to the Arena.
Now hit the Tank with the mages staff until the Warrior ist almost dead, then just polymorph him, and see how fast his HP restores. (Before you start hitting him give yourself a INT Buff ;p)

When he has restored enough HP Spam with your staff over and over, your weapon skill will raise quickly.
Maybe this works also with Zibbs Follow&Heal Bot so you can max your skills while being ask,somebody hast to test it.

Massive Damage For Casters

Dreamweave armor adds 1-35 damage to damaging spells. Rather than check that value each time a spell is cast they decided to save themselves some floating point calcs and only check it,ONCE... that time being when the armor is first put on.

So you put on a Dreamweave Vest and a roll is made and that value is added to your global damage modifier. When you take the vest off it makes another roll and subtracts that value from your global spell damage modifier. Note that it doesn't take off the SAME random value it added when you put it on, but instead takes off a different random value from 1-35.

So say you put the vest on and it rolls a 10 and so all yer spells are at +10 damage. If you take it off then it rolls a 27. Now you are at -17 damage to all spells you cast... Not a good thing! However if you get lucky then your put-on roll is higher than your take-off roll and you end up with a NET gain of +damage. This is endlessly repeatable so via a random walk process you can end up with a HUGE +damage modifier and then put on your Arcanist or whatever real armor to go PvP'ing in. Of course you are equally likely to end up with a HUGE -damage modifier so you have to take care to keep track of what your modifier is at any time and dress/undress accordingly.With this you can do some massive damage.

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