First Console that ever been lunch that has a timeless lifespan since the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) is well ofcourse, none other than the PlayStation Console and one of the Few latest games are Resident Evil 2 and that is the Dawn of gaming Fanatics and addicts, well, for those gaming fanatics and ofcourse, addicts, i suppose that 99% of them already played Resident Evil 2 and it was so amazing, first ever horror thriller Game that became mainstream and Been loved by Majority...

Surely,RE2 was and always be the best game of all time and that's why many had become RE followers, waiting for the sequel, waiting for the Gaming store to open, just to be the first to purchase the game and hurry up home for a nice relaxing massive hours of resident playing, it’s success was remarkable, put it in other console them people will buy that console just for the sole purpose of playing it, put it on psp,Pc and now a really good decision for Wii.

But the question is, would RE fanatics be happy for this one? As we all know, Gaming addicts would played a game they really like even more than 10x and with this RE6 preview, many are statin' that they could see that this RE6 is just a remake of Resident Evil 2,It's just and improvement in Graphics, are you certain that's it's more to meets the eye?Sure,a more percentage of Final Fantasy Fanatics would love to play it again in PS3 because we can clearly see the comparison in Graphic’s from PS1 to PS3,but RE2 on PS1 has a good graphics already...

i think, remake it or clone it 100% with some improve Graphics, Resident evil Fanatics would still play it or just a case they try to see what more it could offer...

If you have some feedback about this, please, feel free to post it in the comment section (unless you’re a  Zombie or bot ^_^)

  1. Eventhough i've played it a million times. This is game to be written in the history of gaming.

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    Posted on December 10, 2011 at 2:16 AM

  2. Dave Josef Said,

    the resident evil is too far, it can continue but it must have a more better story

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    Posted on March 29, 2015 at 8:37 PM


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