Leveling Up


Leveling up is always fun because it brings you full health, energy, stamina and profile points but, you should use careful planning before leveling up. Always keep note of how close you are to leveling up. Once you get within, like 50 experience points away from leveling up, you should use strategy to reap the most benefits of the next level. As soon as you level up, all of your attribute levels will be replenished, so it is a good idea to get your attribute levels, especially the energy, as low as possible before leveling up because, by using them up first, you are, in essence, getting twice as much done due to the fact that the levels will be replenished as soon as you level up.

If you have a lot of energy left before leveling up, take a few big jobs with a lot of experience points because they will use your energy quickly while bringing you a lot of experience points. Watch how close you are to leveling up, so that you don’t use a small amount of energy to bring you a little amount of experience points but enough to level up. You do not want to level up with a job that only earns you enough experience points to level up, while leaving you with a lot of energy that is wasted because your energy will only be refilled enough to fill it to the maximum.

Before leveling up, I try to get as many jobs and fights done as possible. This way, I use up all of the health, energy and stamina that I have and then level up to do it all over again. It is like getting twice as much done.


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