I’m the impatient type, so I quickly tired of waiting for regeneration of Energy. How to solve it? Do the Godfather deals, or even buy some points. About 200 extra is what I needed, somewhere around Hitman, to be able to level continuously without running out of Energy, after having put most of my points into Energy already. Your equipment is a bigger factor in fights at low levels. That changes as you go up, primarily because other players have a lot of skill points in Atk/Def, but also because the combat calculations make it so. By the time you reach very high levels of Atk/Def points, equipment represents only 5-10% of your strength, if that. But you can put those points in later.

The tough work is mastering all the levels, especially Underboss and Boss. You will need LOTS
of Energy to do so. 3rd level Mastery of one job on those two levels takes 100 clicks, as each
job done only gives you 1% toward mastery. And some of those jobs require items like
Blackmail Photos, which in turn require Concealed Cameras… you get the picture. It won’t just
be 100 clicks, but probably 400-500 to master one job at level 3 by the time you get enough of
the items necessary.

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  2. Dave Josef Said,

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