Banking Money


As a LVL 370 player, I can say you should stop banking money as soon as the amount you lose is less than the bank’s charge. If you are losing $1 million per day from attacks, and you earn $10 million+, then don’t bank the money. Simple economics. The fact is, this point is reached pretty quickly. If your property is earning $1mil+ per hour, and you are doing jobs or robberies, you are past the point of paying the bank charges–or you are losing too many fights and/or staying on the hitlist too much ;) On lower levels, spend your stamina, but focus on doing jobs and adding to your skill points. As a comparison, I have $88 billion in cash right now, my property earns $100 million+ per hour, and I am over 1,000 Mafia Mike’s behind in buying because I simply don’t have time and don’t care. Jobs on Boss level pay $20-30 million per click…

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  2. Dave Josef Said,

    money banking, save money and use it later

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