Max Weapons in 15 Min

NOTE: Hunter in Party Needed I figured out the BEST way to max out ALL weapon exp not just ranged like in all the other guides it is EXTREMELY EASY but requires that you have a hunter friend with you (any level hunter) Ok now you have your hunter go to the coast and Tame a crab (not sure if it works with other animals but it forsure works with crab) then you have him dismiss the pet, the pet will jsut sit there while you wail on it and ALL of your attacks will miss but unlike the other guides here that tell you about getting weapon exp by having attacks miss mine works for MELEE also which is awesome! I got my hunter maxed on every weapon within 15 minutes (the crabs dissapear after like 8 minutes so you have to tame them and dismiss again.

Maximum Range Tip

Here's a little strategy most overlook in the game. If you are a hunter or other profession with "ranged" attacks, which you typically call from your hotbar, their individual numbers will turn grey when the target is currently "in range", otherwise they will be red. This is extremely helpful for new hunters who are trying to figure out the maximum range for their characters!

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