In the first 10 or so levels, don’t think too big with properties. You should focus on Mafia Mike’s, Rent Houses, and Italian Restaurants. Mafia Mike’s should be your focus in the beginning because they earn the most at a relatively low price. Note that Mafia Mike’s

requires a certain number of mafia members to buy more than one. After the first one, eac consecutive one requires two more members. I have 24 members and 9 Mafia Mike’s, so it earns me $108,000 each hour.

Once you get past level 10 and earning a few hundred thousand dollars an hour, then you can start buying bigger properties, such as the Apartment Complex and Valu-Mart. When you start earning close to $1 million an hour, then you can start taking on the bigger properties, such as the Marina Tourist Shops.

Finally, when you start earning over $1 million an hour, that you can start saving up for the biggest properties, such as the Office Building, 5-Star Hotel, and Mega Casino.

One piece of advice, if you want to save money buying properties, is that if you buy them in One concern to think about is that your properties will be attacked, so you will need to buy protection. If it is attacked and the health goes down below 100%, it will start earning less and less money each hour. I try to keep all my property at 120% health. In the game’s latest update, the exact level of protection can no longer be seen; you can only see the shields and whether or not your properties are at 100% or lower. I am not sure if this feature will be changed back to the way it was but, I preferred it the way it was previously.


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