It has been 11yrs since Jason kapalka and a couple of his friends develop what has now become one of the highly addictive game. Bejeweled which gross about $300 Million and Something I’ve read stated that it has more than 6 billion hours on the game and also Bejeweled 2,.bejeweled twist; i have been more addictive at the bejeweled twist, at first you would think odd about bejeweled twist compare to the two ones, but once you've started To try and play it, you’ll be more addictive.ofcourse any games would be more exciting having sub-games to it, that’s the essence of it, if you like the game and you'd already Finish it, Shure you'll be asking for more, and that’s where the sub-games/quest comes to play.

The good thing about this kind of games is that besides its also addictive like an RPG or Any kind of games, it also works when you have a little more time to spare, having to not Focusing your entire mind trying to solve some mind boggling puzzle in a certain kind of MMORPG or other RPG Game. When you're on the road or waiting for someone and just about anything that would Makes you wait. I personally do that, when I’m working or waiting for somewhat, if you had It on your phone, it would be great, rather than having to find some internet cafe just for The purpose.

Overall, i personally refer that you try bejeweled twist, I’m sure you won’t regret it and thinking You’d waste your time, ofcourse, it all depends on your mood and playing standards but let me Remind you that this review the purpose of what I’m statin' at ...

It's a Simple Game when you look at but it' s more,than meets the eye...

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  1. Even at Pc's, i really love this game. I haven't even tried it on facebook though. But i'm planning on, when i'm not busy at all. Oh, BTW, great tip and great theme here, i like the layout.Thanks.virus removal service

    Posted on December 22, 2011 at 12:43 AM


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